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Dr Frank Rawson, as one of the leading innovators in High Power Ultrasonics in the UK, has a unique overview of applications into many diverse industries. As a consultant in this field, he has worked for many national PLC's including Nestle, GE Power, Unilever and British Aerospace.

Dr Frank Rawson, a polymer physicist, is Technical and Managing Director of FFR Ultrasonics.  He has worked with ultrasonics for more than 25 years as an industrial physicist, both in R&D and marketing, and is credited with many papers and publications in ultrasonics.  He has a wide and detailed knowledge of the subject from the basic theory to future potential of "silent sound energy" and holds many unique and innovative patents.  He is the company's senior consulting engineer.

The application areas have included:
bulletPlastic Welding
bulletMachining of Ceramics
bulletMetal Forming - Die Extruding
bulletSpecial Inserts
bulletRotary Cutting of Composites for the Aerospace Industry
bulletFood Cutting
bulletMetal Welding

Training Courses

The basic two-day course in High Power Ultrasonic Technology is aimed primarily at engineers and designer with little or no knowledge of ultrasonics. Each course is limited in numbers and is tailored to the requirements of the individual participants, be it day to day production or new product design.

Topics covered include an overview of the technology - practice and theory, common applications concentrating on plastic welding but also looking at cutting application, fluidsonics (industrial sonochemistry/cleaning) and the equipment involved in each) horn design, manufacture and tuning - both theory and practical, designing for ultrasonic welding, fault finding and diagnostics, health and safety aspects and industrial applications.

The course has a strong "hands on" element, looking at a variety of case studies and has a built in element for discussing delegates own applications and problems as appropriate. Specialised one or two day courses can be tailored to cater for the needs of more specialised groups ranging from practical considerations for shop floor operator to groups of R&D engineers with specialised requirements.

These courses have been run for some 20 years now, and have included some overseas venues including Singapore, Ireland, the USA and Australia.


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